As a digital-first company, we are continuously exploring how technology can enable us to further improve the customer experience throughout the buying journey in our digital channels. Eric Rongen, Head of Findability, explains more about how we are making it even easier for customers to find the right products to meet their needs.

“As part of our commitment to empowering business growth for our customers, we aim to enable everyone to find the products they need as quickly and effortlessly as possible. However, this is technically quite challenging – not just because of the size and diversity of our technical assortment, but also because of the scale on which Kramp operates,” explains Eric.

“Millions of unique searches are conducted by thousands of customers in different markets, countries and over a dozen languages. Moreover, customers search indifferent ways depending on the information they have; some enter specific item codes, others type in product names or keywords, or they search for a machine to find the parts that fit. Using the latest technology in combination with the expertise of our in-house developers and data scientists, we can overcome this complexity and save customers valuable time by showing them all the potentially relevant products Kramp sells in response to their search query,” he adds.

“We will continue to improve the speed and effectiveness with which our customers can find the products they need to run their business”

Eric Rongen

Data-driven analysis combined with in-person research

“As a data-driven company, we support quantitative data analysis of customers’ online search behaviour with in-person research methods such as surveys, interviews and customer panels to gain a deeper understanding of our customers’ problems and arrive at the right solutions,” he says.

These solutions are then tested live in so-called ‘A/B experiments’, in which half the customers see the new version and half see the old version. This allows us to validate whether the new solution enhances the customer experience as expected. “Around 25% of the experiments we ran in 2023 had a very positive impact on findability and were implemented for all our customers,” comments Eric.

Staying a step ahead

Improving product findability will never be completely ‘finished’, of course, as both our product assortment and people’s search behaviour are evolving all the time,” he states. “But our data-driven way of working gives us a solid foundation so that we can stay a step ahead of these changes. We will continue to improve the speed and effectiveness with which our customers can find the products they need to run their business,” Eric concludes.

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