Personally connecting with our customers and suppliers is essential in our way of working. Business can be done digitally nowadays, but customer service is done by people. In 2023, we connected with our customers and suppliers at leading trade fairs such as Agritechnica in Germany and at our own Kramp Open in-house event in France. Andreas Oettinger, Marketing Manager Germany, and Nicolas Barbier, Marketing Manager France explain why events are so important in helping us to connect with our partners in the value chain.

Agritechnica is the world’s largest and most important trade fair in the agricultural industry. All major tractor and machine manufacturers participate. After a mandatory four-year break, caused by Covid, the event was finally able to welcome a record number of visitors – almost 500,000 – from all over the world back to Hanover from 12-18 November 2023.

“Agritechnica is a perfect opportunity for us to talk face to face with our customers and suppliers, and strengthen our relationships,” explains Andreas. “We invited our dealers to our booth, where they could have insightful conversations with our Account Managers and Customer Specialists about the latest innovations while enjoying tasty drinks and snacks. During live demonstrations, they experienced how our Business Solutions | Powered by Kramp could grow and improve their business. It was also possible for all visitors – dealers, farmers and their families – to test our Kramp products and have some fun discovering just how sustainable our workwear fabrics are,” he adds.

Strengthening existing partnerships and building new ones

“But it also worked the other way round,” continues Andreas. “Our Supplier Managers were invited to suppliers’ booths at the fair, to strengthening existing partnerships or build new ones. And on one evening, we held an Agritechnica party for our dealers and suppliers where we could connect with each other in a more festive and less formal setting.”

Bringing our community together during Kramp Open

Another way we bring our community from the agricultural, construction, and forest & grass care industries together is by organising our own events. Kramp Open is an example of those, which was held in Poitiers (FR) on 23 and 24 November 2023. Two days filled with innovation, networking, inspiration and fun. Our French customers were given the opportunity to see the offices and warehouse facilities including the new extension hall and the new conveyor. The event also featured an exhibition with more than 70 top suppliers, including a presentation of the new Business Solutions | Powered by Kramp.

“Looking at new opportunities for the future in an convivial atmosphere and further strengthening our collaboration helps us to become stronger together”

Nicolas Barbier

“Kramp Open enables dealers and suppliers to better understand how a partnership with Kramp adds value by growing and improving their business and profitability,” says Nicolas. “Showing our partners in an convivial atmosphere what goes on behind the scenes at Kramp and how we can empower them to move forward is a great way to build even closer relationships.”

“Our customers could also attend interesting sessions organised by Kramp and our suppliers to gain new insights. A particular highlight was the roundtable discussion with farmers, suppliers, dealers, carriers, and Sales and Operations Directors from Kramp France about the future of the supply chain,” Nicolas continues.

Stronger together

“Kramp Open’s theme, ‘Stronger together’, reflects the importance we place on looking at new opportunities for the future together and further strengthening our collaboration. And this is becoming ever-more important in the very fast-changing market we’re doing business in,” concludes Nicolas.

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