We’re not only continuing to embed a safety-first mindset at Kramp, but are also mindful of our employees’ health and well-being. Andrea Bodstein-Walenciak, Chief Human Resources Officer, and Aurélie Mattmann, Operations Director France, highlight some of the current and future initiatives.

“The topic of health, safety and well-being is a key priority for Kramp. Our Health & Safety Principles help us to maintain a continued and structured focus, ensure that we comply with all statutory health and safety obligations in each country, and align with the Kramp Group standard,” says Andrea.

“Additionally, this approach is an integral part of our Corporate Social Responsibility ambition, which is to help our customers, suppliers and partners to develop a futureproof and responsible supply chain. To do this, we need to empower all our employees to work safe, feel safe and be safe,” she continues.

“It’s essential to foster a safety-first mindset and culture”

Aurélie Mattmann

Safety-first mindset at all levels

“As a logistics-driven company, this can be particularly challenging in our warehouses, where people are exposed to many different types of equipment, processes and products. We’ve introduced various tools to make their work safer, such as quick-release bolts and lifting magnets to minimise the physical strain, safety knives with extra protection against cutting injuries, and better demarcation of fire extinguishers,” states Aurélie.

“We also put a lot of effort into fostering a safety-first mindset and culture, including through ‘Safety Awareness’ weeks at all our warehouses, featuring training sessions on reanimation, pedestrian and forklift safety, and so on. This is in addition to other safety training, such as the training course we ran on the safe operation of pallet trucks at our warehouse in Poitiers, France, in 2023. We intend to extend this training programme throughout all countries in 2024,” she adds.

Incident reporting

But safety starts with all of us, she explains, which is why the topic also receives significant attention at management level. In that context, an Operations dashboard was set up in 2023 to measure and monitor the number of safety incidents, including near-misses. “To identify risks and make improvements in support of our goal of zero accidents, we introduced Key Performance Indicators for everyone in Operations,” continues Aurélie.

“Managers actively encourage employees to be alert to potentially dangerous situations and to report them during the daily team meeting. These can then be analysed and tackled as part of our continuous improvement toolbox. As part of our efforts to benchmark best practices, members of the Kramp International Health and Safety Community as well as Operations Directors from all countries share learnings, ideas and actions during weekly and monthly meetings,” she comments.

“The results from the regular employee satisfaction survey of Kramp, the KWEE, show that our colleagues feel physically and psychologically safe at work and are supported by their manager”

Andrea Bodstein-Walenciak

Employees feel safe

“In addition to physical safety, there are also multiple initiatives throughout Kramp aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle and supporting both physical and mental health. These range from sport events and quit smoking programmes, to workshops about healthy food and stress management,” explains Andrea. “And the results from the regular employee satisfaction survey of Kramp, the KWEE, show that people feel both physically and psychologically safe. We score well above the benchmark figures in terms of how safe our employees feel physically, how openly they can discuss mistakes, and whether they are treated with respect by their manager.”

Further acceleration

“While we are proud of the progress we have made so far, moving forward we are keen to accelerate the structured roll-out of improvements. This includes further activation by intensifying our efforts across more teams so that we continue to offer everyone within Kramp an optimally safe and healthy place to work,” concludes Andrea.

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