“2022 was certainly a year of unexpected challenges, particularly the war in Ukraine and the cost impact of inflation that followed. Nevertheless, we reach a €1.1bn turnover, with every country increasing their own turnover. Along with that achievement, other highlights include the successful extension of our warehouse in France and beginning the transition of Poland’s Grene retail network to Powered by Kramp shops,” says Eddie Perdok.

Celebrating 70 years of history

“When a company reaches the age of 70, it’s quite an achievement in itself,” says Eddie. “At the age of 71 in 2022, we finally got to celebrate that milestone – to celebrate our past - with around 2000 of our colleagues at a fantastic party in Varsseveld. There is so much to be proud of.”

“It’s very important to build further on our past, with a focus on continuous improvement.”

Shaping our future

“It’s very important to build further on our past, with a focus on continuous improvement. Firstly, by strengthening our value proposition for our customers, making it even easier to work with us, offering an even wider product assortment, competitive pricing, and even better customer service and delivery. We want to make sure we provide the best customer journey, customer experience and customer satisfaction.

“We had already decided to accelerate our growth in the forest and grass care (F&G) industry and began executing our plan during 2022. There is much to do, but we see substantial growth opportunities ahead and we will become an essential partner in this industry.

“Our marketplace for farmers, suppliers and dealers – Maykers, which first launched in Denmark – is making slower progress than originally anticipated. It’s difficult to move our relatively conservative ecosystem along the path of digital transformation. We are rolling out Maykers now in France and planning rollouts to start in a few other countries later in 2023. It takes time and we must be patient, but we firmly believe that this is a business model where we can connect all industry stakeholders to make life easier for farmers.”

Refreshed values, same DNA

“In 2022 we also revised our core values and strategic principles. Our DNA and roots have not changed but our business and our environment have, so it’s good to reflect these new requirements in our refreshed values and strategic principles. These refreshed values will drive some behavioural change, maintain the strengths of our culture, and support our ambitious plans for shaping the future. Our refreshed strategic principles will support us in making the right decisions every day.

“We are living in volatile times, but we are a strong company with a history of navigating crises well. During 2023 we expect to continue to grow our market share, by strengthening our value proposition and by continuously improving our processes and ways of working. We also want to shape a sustainable future, so we are making sure we identify, minimise and, where possible, prevent any social or environmental risks in our supply chain.”

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