In 2023, we launched our new Business Solutions | Powered by Kramp that help our customers to further improve and grow their businesses.

We are continuously on the lookout for simpler, more scalable approaches to elevate our customers’ business operations and also our own. This led to the introduction of the Business Solutions | Powered by Kramp  in October 2023. “Now, besides receiving high-quality technical spare parts and accessories with fast delivery, customers also have easier access to seven different solutions and services from Kramp that have been carefully designed to power up their business,” says Rick Pak, International Business Solutions Consultant.

We are continuously on the lookout for simpler, more scalable approaches to elevate our customers’ business operations

Rick Pak

A solution for every customer need

“Each Business Solution in the mix satisfies a different customer need,” explains Rick. “Connect | Powered by Kramp automates administrative tasks such as updating prices, ordering parts, booking invoices, which frees up time for our customers to spend on repairing and/or engineering machines in their workshops instead. Based on scannable labels, Workshop | Powered by Kramp and Warehouse | Powered by Kramp both eliminate a lot of parts-related headaches by improving the physical handling, searching, stocking and re-ordering. The online Configurator | Powered by Kramp makes it quicker and easier to obtain customised technical components for unique requirements. These Business Solutions are the enablers for our customers to work more efficiently, save time and lower (hidden) integral costs.”

“Shop | Powered by Kramp helps customers to maximise revenue opportunities by adding a new shop based on our ‘ready-to-run’ Powered by Kramp store concept.

Based on the smart use of data combined with analysis of the end-user potential in a specific region, we advise each customer on a shop setup that is tailored to their market. By monitoring the rotation of the products in each shop, we can optimise the assortment. In addition, our customers can count on our support and staff training in sales techniques, for example,” adds Rick. “With Webshop | Powered by Kramp, our customers can sell the extensive Kramp assortment online thanks to a personalised website.”

Last but not least, Kramp customers can receive support in ensuring the continuous development of their employees. “Academy | Powered by Kramp offers a wide range of technical training options to help mechanics extend their knowledge, skills and capabilities, both through on-site courses and digitally,” comments Rick.

Synergistic effect

“Although the seven Business Solutions can all be used individually, their effect is intensified when they are used together. For instance, automating the administrative tasks as well as the parts management in both the Workshop and the Warehouse solutions makes the whole workflow smoother and more efficient. And this strong foundation enables our customers to scale up their business operations quickly and effectively by adding extra stores or a webshop,” he continues.

“In addition to the detailed information we provide online, over the coming months our consultants will continue to offer tailored advice to our customers about which of our Business Solutions will add the most value in line with their specific needs,” states Rick.

How Business Solutions | Powered by Kramp improve the service levels at Stenderup Maskiner

“The Business Solutions | Powered by Kramp provides a solid basis for scaling up, and the implementation ran smoothly”

Frouke Botma Kooijman

Frouke Botma Kooijman, Spare Parts Manager at Stenderup Maskiner, explains how the Business Solutions | Powered by Kramp are improving service levels at this family-owned Danish company which delivers machinery to agricultural and construction customers.

To streamline their ordering and stock management process, Stenderup implemented the Connect | Powered by Kramp solution a couple of years ago. “The orders are now all in one place, and invoices are sent automatically. The Kramp app makes it easier for our workshop employees to search for the parts they need so that we can order them,” says Frouke. “We can’t hold everything in stock ourselves, so it’s important for us that we receive the products we order quickly. Therefore, Kramp’s next-day delivery service is very valuable for us,” Frouke continues.

Founded in 1936, Stenderup Maskiner A/S has built up a strong reputation for good service, reliability, and broad product knowledge and expertise. “Needless to say, we’re keen to maintain this position as a frontrunner. However, as a family-owned company with a relatively small workforce of around 40 employees, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep pace with the latest developments, particularly in the fast-moving hydraulics market. That’s why we decided to strenghten our collaboration with Kramp, in order to be an even better partner for our customers,” Frouke explains.

To give the best service to their customers, Stenderup added a total of 17 Workshop | Powered by Kramp rack towers for hydraulic parts in 2023. The Business Solutions | Powered by Kramp provide a solid basis for scaling up, and the implementation ran smoothly. “Kramp provided good support to ensure everything was up and running properly,” states Frouke.

“We’re now able to work even more efficiently. Thanks to the tidier and more conveniently organized storage, we have a clear overview of what’s in stock and what isn’t. Additionally, key items of stock are replenished automatically,” she comments. “We’re looking forward to doing even more business with Kramp from now on. This will enable us to meet the needs of our customers even better,” concludes Frouke.

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