Good corporate social responsibility (CSR) has always been part of the DNA of Kramp, and in 2022 we launched our official CSR policy. CFO and CSR Steering Committee member Hans Scholten and CSR Manager Erik-Jan Smit share a progress update.

Hans Scholten
Erik-Jan Smit

In 2022 we looked at our value proposition, CO2 emissions reduction, and people and society and the ways in which we can make a difference.

“When I joined Kramp in April 2022,” says Erik-Jan, “I quickly saw that a lot of great work had already happened. Our colleagues were highly motivated to drive positive change and there were lots of initiatives under way.”

"We are actively looking for the most environmentally friendly products that suit a need."

Successes of 2022

“In 2022 we’ve built a CO2 dashboard, continually measuring our CO2 footprint, and we’re now extending it to all our partners,” Erik-Jan says. “We’re creating sustainability visibility in our assortments, with sustainable choices in our category plans, and sourcing more sustainable products.” 

“Of course, we cannot change the entire agricultural industry,” adds Hans, “but we want to be actively looking for the most environmentally friendly products that suit a need.” “That means looking at the origin of articles and how they’re produced, and how they’re used by the customer. An end-to-end evaluation,” says Erik-Jan. 

“’People and society’ covers everything from safety and wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, to supporting agricultural communities,” says Hans. “As an example of that agricultural focus,” Erik-Jan says, “with our team in Ukraine we provided tools to the Ukraine government to de-mine farmers’ fields, to help them safely work their land. We have also donated €100,000 to the Red Cross and Oxfam.” 

Groundwork during 2023

“In 2023 we will update our supplier code of conduct, as well as develop a governance structure to make sure we identify, minimise and, where possible, prevent any social or environmental risks in our supply chain,” Hans concludes. 

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