Kramp launched Maykers, the online marketplace that brings suppliers, dealers and farmers together, as a pilot in Denmark in September 2020. For the first two years, the focus was on increasing within Denmark, while improving the experience on the platform. In October 2022, Maykers opened for all dealers and farmers in France, too.

Maykers – a farmer’s experience

Harry Liselund is a farmer near Billund in the middle of Jutland, Denmark. He took over the farm, where he keeps horses and grows crops, from his parents. He was a Grene customer ​before the supplier​ was acquired by Kramp around ten years ago. He was also one of the first farmers to migrate from KOS (Kramp Online Service) to Maykers.

“My dealer sent me promotional emails about Maykers last autumn,” says Harry, “and I registered on the platform on 2nd November 2022. The Maykers team contacted me on the telephone two days later to introduce themselves and find out if I had any questions or problems. I found the transition from KOS to Maykers straightforward. I am not a ‘computer geek’ and if I could figure it out, I think most other people could too.”

A wider selection

“It is a bit different searching for products on Maykers from searching Kramp, but it did not take long to get used to,” he continues. “It’s easy to find the products I need. Because there are more stores than just Kramp, there is a bigger selection and I can compare prices and products.

“I mostly buy spare parts for my machines, and sometimes tools. It matters to me that price tallies with quality. I have tried cheaper products from other retailers, but the results were disappointing.”

Maintaining dealer-farmer relationships

“Having my dealer on the Maykers platform is also important. I’m very happy that I have found a service partner who has always been able to find the right parts, of the right quality.

“My farm is some distance from my dealer, so I prefer to have the goods delivered straight to me ​if possible​. If I order before 18:00 I can usually get next-day delivery, and it is useful to be able to return goods via my dealer, when it is more convenient,” Harry concludes.

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“It's easy to buy products, I have more choice and still have the support of my dealer.”  

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