The war in Ukraine has had a serious impact upon our employees and business in Ukraine. Kramp built contingency and crisis plans at the beginning of 2022 as the war scenario became more likely. Christian Weiss, Region Commercial Director, looks back at Ukraine in 2022 and shares his view.

Christian Weiss
“From the beginning, our first priority was the safety of our people and their families in Ukraine. We stayed closely connected and prepared safe travel scenarios out of the conflict area to Lviv (the city where our transit warehouse is located), and even evacuation to Poland if needed. We monitored the situation day by day, guaranteeing the safety of all involved,” says Christian. “Fortunately, we were able to keep communication lines and IT systems running, helping us to stay in touch.”

Helping hand

“As well as our donations to the Red Cross and supplying necessary equipment to the Ukraine government to de-mine farmers’ fields, many of our colleagues supported local initiatives. Our team in Poland did an excellent job supporting those fleeing Ukraine by collecting vital products, donating PLN 50,000 to Polish Humanitarian Action, sharing their homes with refugees and bringing materials to the Ukrainian border in their personal vehicles. Also, colleagues from many other countries collected helpful goods to Ukraine. In collaboration between several countries, we brought all kinds of support materials to Ukraine by bus in March 2022. Departing Ukraine, the bus carried refugees to Czech Republic to get them to a safe place,” explains Christian.

High resilience and engagement of our Ukrainian team

“There is high resilience and engagement among our team in Ukraine. Regardless of the war and the inevitable issues, most colleagues remained in Ukraine and wanted to keep the business running and stay connected to customers. Agri activities continued in the west and south of Ukraine. Commercial trucks arrived in Lviv and orders were dispatched to customers. In June, we launched our local web shop in Ukraine, with a high customer take-up. The web shop sales share was more than 70% in the first months, and the launch supported a rebound of business in the second half of 2022. By the end of the year, Ukraine had still managed to grow 10% versus last year (in local currency). Despite the devastating situation in Ukraine, I would like to emphasise how proud I am of our Ukrainian team and the help that other teams provided them,” Christian concludes.

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