One of the great cultural and commercial strengths of Kramp is the togetherness of our people. K70 - the 70th anniversary party of Kramp in Varsseveld - postponed from 2021 due to Covid, was devised to recognise the fundamental role of colleagues around Europe in our success. People travelled from every Kramp country in September 2022 to celebrate together.

François Richard, Commercial Director France, Stéphanie Pintureau, Customer Specialist, and Logistic Operative Richard Talbot, who all made the trip from France, look back at the anniversary party.

Highlights of K70

“Most people had not been to Varsseveld, so it was a good chance for them to see the real size of Kramp and meet colleagues from all over Europe,” says François. 

“Exactly. I spent time talking with colleagues from Madrid and the Netherlands in particular,” Stéphanie adds. “It was very important for me to be there. The organisation was amazing and the atmosphere was fantastic, we were like a big family all together.”  “The atmosphere was exceptional,” Richard agrees. “What touched me the most was the bonding and to see colleagues sharing, laughing and dancing.”   

“For me, what I really enjoyed was the chance to see so many colleagues that I know,” François adds. “It was an unbelievable party.”

Summer of Celebrations

In an echo of our founder, Johan Kramp, selling original spare parts from his T1 VW van, a replica Kramp70 VW bus toured 10 Kramp locations around Europe during July, August and September. The Summer of Celebrations tour team hosted pop-up 70-anniversary events featuring various experiences and activities, to build excitement for the anniversary party and as a soft launch for the Kramp Way Festival (see the next chapter: ‘Shaping our culture: a refreshed Kramp Way’).

Celebrating 30 years of Kramp Belgium

In November 2022, we celebrated our 30th anniversary in Belgium. Besides organising a celebration event, we also ran initiatives like a special folder with 30 products for €30 and prize draws to win a Kramp private label box during some of our key campaigns.

Celebrating with our dealers and Kramp community in Belgium

To celebrate our 30th anniversary we have organised an event at our office in Lummen, attended by 200 dealers. We informed them of new products and explain key services, for example My Account, Kramp Academy, Powered by Kramp shops and Kramp Workshop Solutions. Since we know many of our customers very well, we found time to have some food and drinks together as well. The following day, we spent time with all our employees and their families over a lovely brunch to thank and congratulate them.
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