Jacek Gbur
Beata Jarosz

Back in 2013, Kramp merged with the parts supplier Grene, which had a strong presence in Poland with a network of retail stores. For years, we retained the Grene brand on the company’s large chain of retail shops. In June 2022, the Polish team introduced the concept of Powered by Kramp (PBK) to dealers, the first step in transforming 168 Grene retail stores to PBK. Commercial Director Jacek Gbur and Head of Retail Beata Jarosz talk about the change.

“We invited all partner dealers, franchises, independent customers and entrepreneurs for a conference to introduce the concept of Powered by Kramp,” Jacek says, “It was a huge success.” 

“Grene was a very well-known brand in the industry,” explains Beata, “and our strategy is to replace that with Kramp. This event was an important first step, a platform to demonstrate the ways PBK will help customers develop their businesses.” 

The advantages of PBK

“Our customers expect extensive pre- and post-sales service,” Beata continues, “and the PBK offer provides that. There is no other company here offering digitalisation, and the PBK app draws farmers into the shops. 

“We’ve lowered the entrance barrier for dealers, too, from a 250sq m premises requirement to 100sq m. We’ve introduced a PBK loyalty programme that rewards engagement and performance. For franchisees, we offered a choice of becoming independent or switching to PBK; they have been very keen to become PBK!” 

“They also benefit from full analytics,” Jacek adds, “which is unique here. They get detailed financial forecasting, flexible payment plans and preferential distribution. We support them in store design, retail displays and launch marketing, plus longer-term development plans to help them support their farmers. It’s true partnership.” 

"For franchisees, we offered a choice of becoming independent or switching to PBK; they have been very keen to become PBK!"

To support our shop partners

“We’ve made our Polish delivery service systems best-in-class,” Jacek continues, “with automated packaging lines, digitalising 90% of warehouse processes, and can handle more than 1200 orders per day and send 3000 parcels in one day. Our delivery-on-time success is at 98%, which is unrivalled.

“We are continuously developing, though. We have ambitious plans to expand the PBK network, transition further franchisee stores to PBK and open a minimum of 13 new PBK shops. We are also planning five flagship stores, each with three zones; one showcasing the most technologically advanced agristore; a showroom where farmers and dealers can test Kramp products before they buy; and the third zone a conference and training centre. The first flagship store will launch in June 2023.” 

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