A sense of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has always played a part in the way Kramp conducts its core business of helping farmers feed the world. We believe that Kramp should contribute to shaping a better world. The nature of our business, in terms of deliveries and logistics, has an impact on the environment, as does the industry we serve. Now we are establishing a framework to help us coordinate our efforts to make a greater and more easily defined difference. Steering committee member and CFO Hans Scholten, together with working group leaders Gerrit Cazemier, Aurélie Mattmann and Etienne Nauta, outlines our plan to move forward in a sustainable way.

The situation

- Workstream one: value proposition
- Workstream two: operations
Workstream three: employee and society

“For each of the three workstreams, we have created working groups to explore what we can do, what will be most effective and what our approach should be. Each workstream now has defined actions for wave one, to take place during 2022. We are also hiring a sustainability manager to drive the implementation of the program.”

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Podcast: Etienne, Gerrit and Hans

Listen to the podcast where Etienne,  Gerrit and Hans talk about the most important findings during the process.

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