Kramp has spent its 70 years pioneering fresh ideas, new approaches and emerging technology for the oldest industry on the planet. How did the market evolve during 2021 and how has Kramp planned to support the industry as it continues to develop? CDO Arnoud Klerkx, Region Commercial Director Philippe Everaerts and Manager International Strategic Partnerships Etienne Nauta discuss the situation.

Philippe Everaets
Arnoud Klerkx
Etienne Nauta

The state of the market

“Inevitably, COVID-19 continued to have an impact,” says Philippe, “but it is encouraging to see that throughout the crisis there is quite some resilience in the agricultural market, making this another year of growth. Retail prices have increased and consumption has been constant. Other issues have come into play, such as supply problems and price increases, while biofuels have been taking off more. We also saw a lot of investment, with increased sales of tractors, agricultural machinery and parts, aided by government support.”

Three trends in the market

“Firstly, climate change and CO2 and NOx emissions have been under government and EU focus, which will have an impact on farmers’ profitability and business models,” says Philippe.

“Secondly, digitalisation. People are now more used to meeting digitally and this is likely to continue. From efficiency and customer experience perspectives, it helps our team to keep regular contact with more customers while still being able to have appropriate physical meetings. We also moved the Kramp Academy to virtual training. There is increasing appetite among farmers for being able to choose between e-tail and retail. We played a role in this by enhancing the web shop and the Kramp app, with MyAccount self-service for less complex service requests like cancelling a backorder or returns. We have involved our dealers in our digital customer panels for product and service development and we’re helping them to develop an omnichannel approach. We’re also increasing Kramp brand awareness among farmers by stepping up our social media activity.

“The final trend is product availability: Thanks to the efforts of our procurement and stock control teams, we maintained service levels at a high standard, and were seen as a reliable supplier, giving us the opportunity to grow our business.

“We will see more dealer consolidation and fewer farmers, but with an increased level of professionalism. This means we ourselves need to continue digitalising and offering a consulting way of working, to bring added value to dealers and farmers, and that requires training our staff accordingly. We can also help dealers with their labour difficulties – we can’t find the people they need, but we can help them work more efficiently, through our tooling, Business Solutions and Warehousing Solutions.”

Expectations for 2022

“First of all, we want to grow and strengthen our position in our core market, agriculture, through continuous improvement of our value proposition, performance and customer experience. I foresee continuing stock shortages and farmers will increasingly search and buy online. We will look to use our agricultural industry presence and technology investment to scale up our activity in forest & grass care and construction. Hard work, but smart work. Our focus is to keep on offering our customers a high stock availability, continuous improvement of our web shop, with market conform prices and development of our product portfolio fitting the market needs," says Philippe.

Supporting customers by developing digital

“What we saw in 2021, as in 2020, is that with COVID-19 it’s important to be able to conduct your business in a digital way,” says Arnoud. “We showed our customers that we’re very good at that. We’ve seen a lot more visitors to our web shop and lots more sales to new customers.”

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“We will look to use our agricultural industry presence and technology investment to scale up our activity in forest and grass care and construction”

- Eddie Perdok

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