Our purpose statement – Empowering you to move forward – applies just as much to our colleagues as it does to our suppliers, customers and the communities we are part of. We want to cultivate a culture of feedback, so we can address the concerns, desires and needs of our most important asset – our people - in time and react accordingly. Having an engaged, competent and dedicated team of people is crucial to everything we do – and everything we plan to do. HR Content and Employee Experience (EX) Specialist Wanda Stoteler, talks with Operations Director France Aurélie Mattmann about how new EX initiatives are helping this happen.

Wanda Stoteler
Aurélie Mattmann

Changing the cycle

“Historically, we issued the KWEE every two years. From September 2021, we changed the frequency to twice a year – February and September. We also introduced new listening activities during the onboarding stage, to hear new employees’ thoughts after their first month, and an exit survey for leavers. At the end of 2021 we introduced a further channel for employee feedback: every business department and manager can conduct a short survey of their team – a pulse check-in – asking four or five specific questions on a relevant topic. All feedback streams are anonymised so no data is traced back to particular participants.”

The Employee Journey

We have discovered that our employees really value learning & development opportunities, that management style is vital to employee satisfaction and that there is some inconsistency between managers in how they stimulate teams. Empathy and engagement are clearly important, and the Kramp leadership training program will have a part to play in improving this, but with so many variables in everything from pay rates to management style, it is a complex area to analyse and address. We can see, though, that we should work on making reward and opportunity more transparent.

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A colleague’s experience

Reinout Waalkens joined Kramp as an International Management Trainee in September 2020 after completing his Master’s in International Business. What are his experiences with Kramp?

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