The customer experience (CX) is what decides a company’s success. The better that experience, the stronger and longer the relationship. Customer Experience Specialist Corjan te Pas provides an update on our dedicated team for enhancing customer happiness. Joachim Bach, Commercial Director Germany, is applying the CX team’s learnings to enhance processes and practice related to the Customer Journey in Germany.

Corjan te Pas
Joachim Bach

“In the past,” Corjan says, “most businesses just did what they thought the customer would need. Increasingly, businesses are taking an outside in approach, with research teams finding out what the customer really wants. At Kramp, we gather customer feedback through the web shop and Kramp app, surveys, offline interviews and, since 2020, the Customer Panel.”

New developments in 2021

“The Customer Panel is a digital panel of representative Kramp customers who give regular feedback by answering specific questions through a dedicated dashboard. In 2021 we expanded the Customer Panel from six to nine countries, adding the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium. In 2022 we will add France and Italy. We want to increase the number of members in each country, too, to get more responses and make the results more representative of the entire population of Kramp customers. We now have nearly 750 Customer Panel members and a response rate of 30-40%, which is really good.

“We’ve also worked on the CX results dashboard, to make it easier for Kramp teams to quickly see the relevant results and guide their decisions. To help spread the message about customer experience, we have trained 85 more colleagues this year to become CX ambassadors.”

“We will have the data to deliver an even better customer experience” 

- Eddie Perdok

Looking forward

“The supply chain disruptions of COVID-19 mean our CX KPI results have not improved – and in a few instances have even dropped slightly – but at an average of above 4 out of 5, they are still really positive. As we equip ourselves to gather more actionable insights,” Corjan concludes, “we will have the data to deliver an even better customer experience.”

Joachim Bach, Commercial Director Germany, is applying the CX team’s learnings to enhance processes and practice related to the Customer Journey in Germany.

“The most important information we get from feedback is really to understand where we have a negative impact on a customer. For example, we always deliver something in one place and the customer wants it somewhere else, we can put it right. We can correct and perfect,” says Joachim. “The main advantage that we get from customer feedback is that, by sharing all these thousands of pieces of feedback, we can change mindsets internally. Show that we can and must develop and improve.

“We have started a project with every internal discipline involved – people from Operations, Stock Management, Purchasing, Internal Sales, External Sales, and Marketing. We divided them into three groups and tasked them with deciding on an area of our service that needs developing. They were asked to come up with one idea and plan it through, including how it can be measured and a timeline for implementing it. This also stimulates working together in cross-functional teams.

We created a customer experience driver analysis, pulling in millions of data sets from feedback, delivery data, invoicing data, customer development data etc. The idea was to find out what drives customer experience, to allow us to focus on our strengths and reduce the weaknesses. Our three groups will put those three ideas into action from February 2022, so we can track and assess customer experience improvement.”

Customer Panel member

Karl Heinz Twenhöven looks after the spare parts department of Rademacher OHG in Halver, Germany. He is member of the Kramp Customer Panel and explains why it’s important to have your voice heard.

Karl: “I decided to join the Kramp Customer Panel because I saw it was a good opportunity. I would be able to discuss the latest issues in buying and supplying spare parts and share my feedback and ideas on the whole process. That could mean talking about product quality, prices, how to promote original spare parts, and any issues around product availability.

“The really good thing is that being on the Customer Panel is very little effort. The questions are designed to be simple, with answers on a 1-10 scale for example, so it doesn’t take much time to give your feedback.

“I think it’s a great benefit for dealers to have their voices heard. It’s a chance to influence the way the process develops, and that’s in the interest of both parties – we both benefit from increased customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and an increase in sales.”

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