Maykers, the digital marketplace that brings together suppliers, dealers and farmers, was launched as a pilot in Denmark in September 2020. As 2022 begins, Jerome Hermans, Maykers Managing Director, and Albertus Kloosterman, Commercial Director Kramp Denmark, give a progress update.

Albertus Kloosterman
Jerome Hermans

“Bringing on board more suppliers and dealers, many of whom are new to e-commerce, needs more work,” Jerome agrees. “Some recognise the opportunity to reach new customers, sell new products and add new ways of doing business; others are concerned about their future. Agriculture is not known for e-business, but this is the direction of the industry.”  

“We see a great opportunity to strengthen the partnership with dealers and suppliers, where we take them along a seamless digital journey” 

- Eddie Perdok

Podcast: Jerome Hermans

Listen to the podcast where Jerome classifies the year 2021 for  Maykers.

Lessons from the pilot

“We are continually refining our approach,” Jerome continues, “learning as we gain further insights, and shaping a sustainable model. Originally, we intended to expand into two more countries in 2021, but it was better to start addressing the challenges in bringing along dealers and suppliers. During 2022, we intend to extend Maykers’ reach within and beyond Denmark, while improving the experience for everyone.”

“Helping dealers and suppliers make this journey is a matter of some urgency, because we see increasing signs of disruption in the market,” says Albertus. “Two years ago,” Jerome adds, “there were only one or two start-ups for this digital space. Now I need two hands to count them, and we see online platforms starting to move. Maykers is unique because it is designed to sustain the whole value chain together. “The emerging disruptors will cut up the value chain,” says Albertus,. “we see a great opportunity to strengthen the partnership with dealers and suppliers where we take them along on a seamless digital journey.

“Those platforms are likely to be all about digital disintermediation – cutting out the middle man,” Jerome concludes, “whereas we know the future is digital, but we have a responsibility to take our partners with us and to help them add value.”

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Farmer and dealer experience with Maykers

"The well-being of our animals is our criterion for success. Trading online via the Maykers platform gives us more time in the barn."
Stieneke IJdema - Dairy farmer for 25 years  

"I have been waiting for a portal like Maykers. You can find what you need and shop locally at the same time."
Uffe Odgaard - Hobby farmer for 12 years

"We know how fast it has to be when you need something. By being on Maykers, we make it easy for our customers to shop with us online."
Rune from Lyngfeldt, advice, sales and service company of agricultural machinery

"With all my years in the industry, I also have to acknowledge that the younger generation entering agriculture is ordering their goods digitally. With Maykers, we can be present where the farmer is."
Karl from FCSI, manufacturer of slurry additive Active NS  

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