2021 was a special year, in which we celebrated our 70th anniversary in business. We are proud of this milestone; it does not happen for every company. Our gratitude and special thanks go to our colleagues, dealers, suppliers and the farmers we support, for their trust and loyalty in the past 70 years. They all contributed to our success and where we are now. We wanted to make our 70th anniversary year truly special for them all and, where COVID-19 allowed, we celebrated it together. Marketing Director Wendy Unger-Moore, Ewa Nowak and Sylwia Nowacka from our Polish marketing team, and Manager Internal Communications Ruth Oortgiesen discuss a year of celebrations.

Ewa Nowak
Sylwia Nowacka
Ruth Oortgiesen

Connecting closely with every part of the industry

“Our founder, Johan Kramp, said many years ago: ‘Stay close to food.’ That is what Kramp has been doing for the past 70 years, supporting our network of dealers who make it possible for European families of food producers to receive the spare parts they need when they most need them. In 2021 we used our integrated marketing campaign, Generations, as a vehicle to express our role – supporting the farmer with our partners,” says Wendy. “Together, we keep farmers farming. It was also a chance to celebrate farmers while highlighting this great business achievement of 70 years serving the agricultural community. We wanted to reach all the people whose work intersects with ours: our dealers, suppliers, farmers, the media and employees.

It has been an extraordinary journey. Made possible by the incredible, collaborative work – both internally between colleagues across Europe, and also in partnership with our dealers and our suppliers. We used multiple channels to deploy this campaign:, social media, retail, and more. For this first time, we worked with many influencers across Europe, like Tom Pemberton, a fifth-generation farmer from the UK, to tell our story to their online audiences. Our marketing message reinforced that our commitment is as strong today as it was in 1951. It also emphasised that Kramp has been here for 70 years, something to be acknowledged in today’s business climate. We have built trust, established our leadership position and connected closely with the agricultural industry; a concept that the media recognised as special.”

"Our commitment is as strong today as it was in 1951"

- Eddie Perdok

Generations of

“One of the initiatives we launched was our cookbook, Food from the Farm, a true labour of love. Our colleagues secured farmers and dealers that were happy to share family recipes and the backstories behind them. Our cookbook was another way to highlight farmers’ importance, to illustrate the connection through knowledge passed down through generations, and it really showcased how the daily work of farmers made these recipes possible. We gave this cookbook as a gift to our dealers and suppliers, together with local Kramp branded treats like Finnish Domino cookies, Swedish candies and Dutch syrup waffles."

"Our local teams also organised several other 70th anniversary activities. For example, in the Netherlands we had a jubilee promotion for our customers. Our relationships with them, some of which go back generations, are one of the reasons why Kramp has existed for so long. Trust and loyalty are therefore very important. We want to show our appreciation for them and all that they do. We asked customers to let us know which loyal employees have been with their company for 12.5, 25 or 40 years and to send us a picture of the employee. We surprised those jubilees with a photo cake.”

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